VTP Flat Pallet

for carbide cutting inserts

  • optimized design for your automation
  • parts can be cleaned in the ultrasonic bath while mounted in the pallet
  • minimized support surface for parts
  • good temperature resistance for washing and drying processes
  • very good resistance to chemicals
  • Sehr gute Chemibeständigkeit
  • material: PP-M40
  • colour: natural, suitable for back-lighting
  • lateral notch provides efficient anti-rotation
  • optional: bar code label with consecutive number

The VTP Flat Pallet System hat especially been developed for the storage and transportation of carbide cutting inserts. Applications in other areas in which sensitive small parts in big quantities and various types are treated are possible as well. The system forms the basis for a continuous automation in the production. It becomes particularly efficient for a automatic handling of the pallets. Powerful vision systems enable the handling of different workpieces within of different workpieces without any need of specific pallet modifications. The positions of the workpieces within the pallet is automatically recognized and transferred to the robot control system. With the VTP Flat Pallet the best solution for an efficient and reliable automation is found.
The system forms the basis for consistent automation in production. This is particularly economical thanks to the standardized stacking system for automatic handling. With only five different pallet sizes, almost all parts can be covered in the field of indexable insert production.

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