VTP Breadboard

The perfect vario system

  • store
  • safe protection against damaging
  • transportation
  • space saving upright disposition
  • cleaning
  • temperature resistant up to 120°C
  • combinable
  • interchangeable inserts from Ø 3 - 40 mm
  • handle
  • accurate positions for automation

It is up to you whether you use our breadboard for storage, conveying or providing. However, as soon as you use the breadboard in your production plant, you will quickly experience the enormous advantages. Your products remain protected from the first step to the packaging of the finished workpiece. Damage is a thing of the past. You can switch a cleaning process between at any time. The breadboard is made of a high-quality plastic, is solvent-resistant and can handle almost anything up to 120 ºC. Automatic loading and unloading is very well possible, since the respective workpiece position is defined and lies precisely within + - 0.05 mm. By turning the plug inserts, the insertion depth can be selected between 25 mm or 40 mm. Very short workpieces can therefore also be plugged in.

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